Francisco Perez

I'm a Software developer with experience working with Ruby on Rails, React/Redux, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. There's nothing more satisfying than solving a difficult problem with a few lines of clever, efficient code. Apart from being a web developer, I'm a huge cinephile, tv junkie, and all-around pop-culture appreciator. I'm also a big fan of literature, both classic and contemporary. When I'm forced to go outside I also enjoy jogging and sightseeing.

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Full stack web application

  • Leveraged React lifecycle methods to dynamically generate new content on the front page without sacrificing performance.
  • Employed CSS3 flexbox and grid, as well as light borders, to imitate Kickstarter’s minimal design.
  • Utilized AWS to store data from user uploads.
  • Backend was built with Rails and implemented Jbuilder to properly format data for frontend.
  • JSBeatDown

    Browser game built with canvas and vanilla JS

    Sprites were rendered using a combination of html canvas and vanilla JavaScript. Also utilized object oriented programming to organize distinct concerns into classes that store their own state.


    Programming Languages & Tools
    • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
    • Test-Driven Development
    • Collaboration & Pair-programming


    App Academy

    Rigorous 1000 hour development course with a less than 3% acceptance rate. Studied topics include: TDD, scalability, algorithms and data structures, OOP, coding style, REST, security, single-page apps, web development best practices.

    Winter 2018

    Allegheny College

    Bachelor of Arts
    May 2013